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10月24日-25日に京都で開催された 20th Workshop on Synthesis And System Integration of Mixed Information technologies (SASIMI 2016) で4件の発表を行ないました.

Jun Shiomi et al., "A Processor Architecture Integrating Voltage Scalable On-Chip Memories for Individual Tracking of Minimum Energy Points in Logic and Memory"

Tadashi Kishimoto et al., "On-Chip Temperature Sensing using a Reconfigurable Ring Oscillator"

Shu Hokimoto et al., "Minimum Energy Point Tracking under a Wide Range of PVT Conditions"

Kei YOshizawa et al., "Comparison of Area-Delay-Energy Characteristics between General Purpose Processors and Dedicated Hardwares for Embedded Applications"

うちM1 保木本の論文が IEEE CEDA Young Researcher Award を受賞しました.